Far Harbor

New Update For Fallout 4 Adds Over 30 Far Harbor Themed Settlement Objects

Online users have found over 30 new settlement objects in the newest 1.5 update for the PC, could this possibly be new settlement items part of the Far Harbor DLC?

The items in question are vast and cover different categories such as barns and elevators, features that many bethesda fans have asked for a long time, due to the scale of the addition I highly doubt this will be a free update and most likely will be a Far Harbor DLC addition, this item list containing more items than Bethesda’s previous Fallout 4 DLC, Wasteland Workshop.
Users on online forums have discussed the depth of the items, one YouTuber has previewed the list on his channel and has discussed all of the items.

Leave a comment down below, are you personally excited for these new items to be added?

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10 thoughts on “New Update For Fallout 4 Adds Over 30 Far Harbor Themed Settlement Objects”

  1. I hate that every article is a video. I just want to fucking read whats new not hear and view your shitty fucking video. Fuck you.

  2. I’m looking forward to it. My favorite feature of the game are the settlements and it would be nice to see them fleshed out a bit better.

  3. Hey Charley, Why dont you stop being such a hater?
    Johnny here tries hard to get you the best info, and you give a load of Hating? Sounds like somthing a loser without a life would do.

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