The Cullings new weapon, the Tier 4 Trident.

The Culling update adds new weapons, game modes and more

The Culling developers, Xaviant, are adding new game modes, weapons and more.

The brand new Trident weapon, a Tier 4 Spear.
The brand new Trident weapon, a Tier 4 Spear.

Posting on their official Facebook page, the developer confirms that their upcoming update due to be released on Wednesday 27th April 2016, will include new weapons such as the Trident, a tier  4 spear weapon and a new Cudgel, tier 1 bludgeon. The new trident looks particularly sleek, some users comparing it the weapon used by Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games film series, a tier 4 spear has previously not been included in the game, so this is a great weapon for players focused on spear weapons. New perks such as Dig Deep and Angry Octopus should tie in well with these new weapons.

The new Trident seem familiar?
The new Trident seem familiar?

Also the developers have included a new game modes such a private lobbies, useful for those wanting to play with a few friends or have massive free for all matches with their friends, Trials Matches have also been included, the player is able to use the newly added Trial Tokens to battle in weekly free-for-all Trials Matches which are only on the weekends against other winners for a chance to secure exclusive loot.

Females are now playable as characters.
Females are now playable as characters.

Female characters are now a part of The Culling and yes, the man tracker will still work on them, these go well with the new customization items with shirt designs from Filthy Casual and DesignByHumans as well as some limited edition hats.

The new shirt designs by  Filthy Casual.
The new shirt designs by Filthy Casual.

Xaviant have also confirmed support for SteamOS, so users can now play on even more platforms, that and new lighting and enhance optimisation improvements for balance and stability will make the range of people who can play the game much large.

Here is the official post from Xaviant:


Attention: You are cordially invited to take part in the most the most gruesome, intense and other hype words contest that any.. uhh.. contestant has ever taken part in!

Welcome to Trials of the Isle.

Starting on Wednesday April 27, the hunt gets kicked up a notch with spine-tingling new features like private lobbies, female playable characters, special Trials Matches, as well as additional cosmetic items to show off your swag (that’s what the kids say, right? Right.)!

Here’s some of the marquee additions heading to The Culling in our biggest update yet:

  • Private lobbies – Create and join private lobbies to play free-for-all matches with friends.
  • Female playable character – Play as a female contestant with an extensive suite of customization options.
  • Trials Matches – Use Trial Tokens awarded for wins participate in weekly free-for-all Trials Matches (weekends only) against other winners for a chance to score exclusive loot.
  • New customization items – Spice up your gear with new shirt designs by Filthy Casual and DesignByHumans as well as limited edition hats!
  • New weapons – Spray even more blood on the island with the Crafted Cudgel (Tier 1 Bludgeon) and the mighty Trident (Tier 4 Spear)
  • Additional perks – Experiment with new perks like Dig Deep and Angry Octopus―yeah, we don’t know either.
  • SteamOS support – Spread mayhem at your desk and in your living room.
  • New lighting and significantly enhanced optimization Improvements to balance and stability.


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