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Microsoft Shuts Down The Manufacture Of The Xbox 360

After the console hit its ten-year anniversary back in November, Microsoft has finally decided to stop the manufacturing of the Xbox 360 gaming consoles. Microsoft states that the costs of manufacturing a decade old product are slowly creeping up on them, therefore it is reasonable to assume that the company is simply no longer earning a reasonable amount from the Xbox 360 platform. There is also a strong possibility that Microsoft is trying to put more focus on promoting and improving the Xbox One, a Xbox One 1.5 potentially, due to its lack of sales in comparison to its major competitor: The Playstation 4.

Even though new copies of the console will no longer be manufactured, Microsoft states that it will still provide support for all Xbox 360 users, and will continue doing so for some time. The console’s owners will still be able to use Xbox Live for apps and online play, with no Live servers being shut down as of yet. The online store will still sell games and accessories for the system. Hardware support will also still be provided by Microsoft in spite of the fact that no new consoles are being produced.

The remaining stock of Xbox 360s will still be sold by Microsoft and other retailers at the current price, however it is clear that they will not be as common within the next few years as they are today. More than 84 million Xbox 360 units have been sold within its lifetime, therefore leaving a difficult target to surpass for the Xbox One, especially after its sales rates were lower than originally planned due to consumer backlash over “innovative” changes to the console during its launch.

In conclusion, many will certainly feel sad to see the console that they grew up with go, especially when the Xbox One currently has a limited selection of backwards compatible games within its online store. This may change in time, but until that happens your best bet for playing older Xbox 360 titles, would be an actual Xbox 360.

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